Once again the Bluegrass Bash proved to be great fun with many new milestones. Attendance was at an all time high of 103 and I think there were 62 cars, also the most ever. Absolutely everything ran smoothly with only one slight hiccup during the driving tour, which was readily addressed and corrected with fast thinking by the Howells.

During the Bash, I can't tell you how many folks came up to me to tell me what a wonderful time they were having. We received many complements and I did my best to direct them to those who were directly involved. Several folks had options on how to spend the Derby weekend as other clubs were offering weekend events. Everyone with those options were so glad that they chose to come to the Bluegrass Bash - a testament to the wonderful event all of you helped create.

The weather for the Bash couldn't have been any better. Registration went very smoothly and it was nice to have the table setup outside. Everyone enjoyed the Friday night party and it was good to get to visit with returning attendees as well as a host of new faces. The funkana added some fun to the party as well. I apologize for not knowing who won the event. The driving tour was great fun and the route was very nice. Many folks were complementary of the clear driving directions. Lunch at Hall's went very smoothly, especially given that we had such a huge crowd. The car show was fun and there was a tie for second place. Our club's very own, Ken and Ellyn Katen were the hands down winner in their beautiful Jaguar XK140. The Derby party was well attended, awards were given, and the club expressed its appreciation to this year's Bash Chairman, Mr. Danny Morton. Because I had to leave the party, I'm not sure how the auction went, but I'm sure it was good fun. And to top it all off, we didn't have any accidents or major mishaps, and I know of only one close call.

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