Bill Taking a break after set-up

A great example of a TR3a from St Louis

A great group of Brit cars

Bill and Bill talking Lotus

Regristration begins

Danny offers his Woodford Reserve to others

Friday Evening at The Springs

Fun times at the Bash!

Lotus 7 Engine

Lotus Super 7

Rinke's Lotus Super 7

Start Your Engines! - The Tour Begins

The Bash Registration tent

The competition was tough during the Fun-K

Wanda tries for a Hole-In-One

The Dahlstroms' packed-up Morris

The breifing before the tour

Preparing for the tour

The tour begins!

The tour of Fares Horse Farm

Waiting in line for pictures

Brits at the Springs



Who's that imposter on the left?


Triumph Spitfire and GT6

Another fine Triumph

Spring Weather and British Cars - It doesn't get any better!

A nice pair of MGA's

BRG MG-TF - Nice!

The Springs never looked better!

Preparing for the drive

Top-up weather for this one!

A beautiful rolling restoration!

Hall's parking lot BEFORE the British invasion

And then there was 1....

...but the reinforcements are coming...

...and coming...

The Lotus Super 7 has arrived

The Brits are taking over the parking lot...

...and the road!

Another older MG

MG's and Triumph's

A TVR joins the fun

B's and Healey's

A youngster in the bunch!

Beautiful weather for beautiful cars

So where'd all those American cars go?

Gathering at the Springs

Brits on Parade

Dinner at the Springs

Show time

Good looking B's

Preparing for a group drive

Nice looking MGA and Triumph

The Springs hosts a wonderful dinner

Danny quenching a well-deserved thirst

RB and CB B's (you gotta speak "B" to understand)

Car shows and car talk go together

Reviewing auction items

OK...who didn't back-in?

Leaving the parking lot for the drive

This is what this hobby is all about!

Not all British cars are little!

OK...where's the food?

Preparing for the trophy presentation

Gathering in the parking lot prior to the drive

Good view from the balcony

Lining up for the drive

Lunch at Halls on the River

Pretty MGA's in a row

Heading out for the drive (nice looking wheels!)

Nice chrome-bumper B and a Jag

Gathering for Drive instructions

Gathering at Hall's on the River

A nice RB MGB from Ohio beside an MGB-GT

TVR?? - Good looking, whatever it is!

Drive instructions

Now this is fun! Fine food on the river after a great drive in an LBC

Checking out the mechanicals under the hood

MGA's - head to head

Taking a break at the show

Nice red RB Midget and MGB side-by-side

Older MG-TF and newer RB MGB

El Presidente's Healey

Admiring the Triumphs

Good food - Good times!

The beauty of the Bash - Even Paul can raise bonnet!

Good liiking British cars

Folding down the top, preparing for the drive

Driving instructions

You just gotta love all these fine British cars

LBC's on parade

A view from over the co-pilot's shoulder

Are these EKPC lines?

Looks like our cars have held up better than their parking lot!

Brit cars at the show

Looks like Triumph's RULE this row

Special thanks for the photographs to Jim Neathery & Tom Crutcher!