Top 6 Tips to Heed when Designing Your Kitchen in Dubai

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Top 6 Tips to Heed when Designing Your Kitchen in Dubai

Are you planning to refurbish your kitchen and breathe a new life into it? Here are a few tips from experts in the niche to help you along! Happy re-designing!

  1. Think ahead

Function should get the highest priority when redesigning a kitchen, according to the interior designer Jacqui Hargrove. Whether your kitchen is L shaped or U shaped, plan for the cook top, fridge, and the sink to form a triangle. For ease of movement, there shouldn’t be more than 6 feet of distance between each of these elements.

  1. Make room for storage

During the planning stage, most people make the mistake of not allowing for enough storage room. To make the most of your available space, it’s important to put every nook and cranny to use. For instance, the overhead cabinets can be extended right up to the ceiling in Dubai Kitchen designs, rather than leaving an unnecessary gap on top that serves no purpose other than gathering dust.

  1. See the light

If you look at most home designs in Dubai, overhead lighting in kitchens is not sufficient, especially when compared to other rooms in the house. Who would want a light behind them in their kitchens, casting obtrusive shadows on the workspace and thwarting their view? Ideally, lights in a kitchen should be positioned to fall in front of you. For instance, under-cabinet lights work best since their light falls directly over the countertops.

  1. Power play

It’s also important to make sure that your kitchen is replete with plenty of appropriate power sources for new or relocated appliances. Most people fail to realize in time that they lack proper electric or gas lines. You should also consider measuring appliances beforehand to make sure that they will fit into your allocated spaces.

  1. Space and surface

One can never have too much counter space. Always go for a surface that is hassle-free to care for and easy to work on. Also keep in mind that stainless steel has a propensity for scratching easily, while the grout between tiles makes it harder to maintain them.

  1. Start Fresh

Don’t bring over items or appliances from your old kitchen when you are redesigning. It may seem like a frugal move at the moment but old appliances and items stick out like a sore thumb in a refurbished kitchen setting, making your efforts go down the drain.

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