5 Fun Facts About Car Tints

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5 Fun Facts About Car Tints

Car tints are very important upgrade that you need to install to make your car look aesthetically pleasing but also add another layer of protection to it. Although you can forego this upgrade, many car experts already testify about the importance and advantages of car tinting in Dubai.

But behind this cool car accessory are cool facts and tidbit of knowledge that might interest you. Here are some cool facts about can tints and window films:

  • Sprayed car tints were all the rage back then

Car tints back then were way different from today’s current ones. Back in World War II, car owners used to spray their car with paints and dyes to act as car tints. They sprayed it on their window shields many times over. But this trick produced uneven results that makes the windshield look lighter one side and darker on the other. Nevertheless, it was effective on blocking out sunlight and protect the car from other elements. This practice went on until 1960s.

  • Purple was a popular window tint

When the mid-60s came, retail window film manufacturers stepped up their game. This window tints were created through a dye-based technology. But over time, the film’s pigmentations faded turning the darker shade to purple films. Another disadvantage of these films was they were prone to bubbling, especially during hot weather. But during those times, it was considered the most effective way to shield the cars from sunrays.

  • It comes in different types

Some people think that car tints are all the same. But on the contrary, there are different types of car tints that are available in the market today. Each tint is made out of different materials and serve different purpose. For instance metallic window tints are made to block out heat for a cooler interior. Non-metallic cars are less effective for heat reduction but they can make do when blocking UV rays.

  • It can deter car theft

Car theft is widespread in any city or location. Mostly, burglaries target cars with no tints since it is very easy to see the interiors and check the mechanics of the vehicle. Installing car tints can help deter burglaries as it can help block the view of the insides of your car.

  • It is regulated and banned in some locations

Although car tints are widely available globally, there are some countries that do not allow installation of this car accessory. Countries like Libya and Portugal prohibit the use of car tints. In some countries, it is regulated.

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