All time favorite models of Rolls Royce

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All time favorite models of Rolls Royce

We all love Ferrari. That’s why we always look around to know Ferrari car rental price in our locality but its rental price is still out of budget. However, there are other companies whose cars are not bad. They can be driven on rent. One of them is Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce is a very big name. Its top 3 cars are:

Rolls Royce Corniche: Although it is old and antique, it is still in the list of favorite cars of everyone. The car was launched in 1971 and its last model came in 1995. In 1984, it was called as continental. It had two-door coupe design and it also came in style in which door were convertible. The company took design from Silver Shadow Series to make the car in London. Corniche had L410 LHV V8 engine. That’s the reason why it could cover 118 miles in an hour. It has automatic transmission of three speed. However, the best part is that it available on rent still!

Rolls Royce Twenty: Twtey look old and it seems like a piece of train, but its speed was fast if we compared it to the vehicles of that time. The car was made in 1920s by a coachbuilder. The coachbuilder was chosen by people and Rolls Royce provided parts. Its first model was made in 1922 and last in 1929. In those seven years, the company manufactured 2,940 of them. Rolls Royce Twenty had 3.1-liter I6 engine which came with manual speed transmission. The driver had a choice to choose either 3 or 4. The maximum speed of Rolls Royce Twenty was 60 miles per hours and it was the speed of planes of that time.

Rolls Royce Phantom II: If you want to drive Rolls Royce that seem crazy and funky in dark olors then nothing is better than Rolls Royce Phantom II. Phantom II came after Phantom I instantly. Its first model came in market in 1929 and the series lasted till 1936. The company manufactured 1600 to 1700 phantom II in that time. However, its horsepower was 40 to 50 and it’s the last which had hp in this range. It had 7668 cc I6 motor which gave the facility and availability of 4-speed transmission. The front had chassis like style in which there were axle and leaf like spring. It came in two feature films: “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” and “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”.

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