Gambling in Dubai

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Gambling in Dubai

Only thirty years ago Dubai was still a desert. Muslim people are those who made it with their own money and sweat. It is well known that Islam doesn’t allow  gambling. That is why many people are surprised when confronted with a fact that Dubai is a home to some  of the best and most luxurious casinos in the world.

It wasn’t like that from the very beginning; most of the people were against that kind of blasphemy, but when it comes to money – everything is possible! No city ever was build that fast, so it makes sense that such a progressive environment allows something that is forbidden in the rest of UAE.

However, there are still some rules! One is not allowed to bet on camel races, because camels are very serious and important tradition that is not to be ruined by something dirty as gambling. On the other side you can bet on horse races without any problems.

They say that when you go to camels races there are people circling around the spectators,  watching their faces very carefully, trying to figure out if someone is desperate to put some money on a bet. But that is a very dangerous activity. If you get caught – you will, without a doubt, end up in jail and most likely have to pay very large amount of money

Illegal gambling is considered to be very serious crime, and average jail sentence for he gambler   is up to three years. If someone is caught running private casino or gambling house they might end up in jail for more than nine years.

The point is that if you are into betting, if you are adventurous with your money, if your adrenalin rushes when you approach gambling table and you end up in Dubai, make sure you go to a legal casino. Anything other than that is  not according the law and it might have serious consequences.

The most common gambling in Dubai takes place during important races and here are three places you can visit and legally bet on camels and horses if you’re up to that: Meydan Racecource, Dubai Racing Club and Nad Al Sheba. If they made such an effort for those who love gambling to be able to pursue their passion and they made it legal, then it only makes sense to do it at those places where it is allowed.

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