The role of a civil engineering consultant

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The role of a civil engineering consultant

Dubai is one of the most developed cities of UAE and the most fascinating thing about Dubai is that it possess an amazing style and taste of building designs. This trend has created a huge competition between the construction companies and architects. You will find several civil engineering consultants in Dubai but it is quite challenging to select the most appropriate one because of their raising competition and demand. A civil engineer is a person who works along with other professionals like architects to meet their client’s exact expectations. He is basically responsible to ensure the structural integrity of the building by choosing the correct material and design. 

This structural integrity is not consistent for all types of building, in fact it depends upon the loads and forces that are going to be faced by that building in its life span. Electrical engineering in Dubai is also very important as these engineers are required along with the civil engineers in the construction process. He will make sure that all the electrical systems of the building are installed in the most appropriate way. But this article is completely based on the role of civil engineers so read this complete article to enhance your knowledge regarding the role of civil engineering consultants.

Construction supervision

This is the prime responsibility of a civil engineer to supervise all the working labors and construction activities. For this purpose he must ensure periodic visits to site to check whether the workers are working efficiently or not. A civil engineer must keep on consulting with the owner or client to meet his expectations. He must also interpret all the plans and specification. On the other hand he is also responsible for checking the working drawings and data appropriately.

Legal services

There are several legal protocols involved in the entire construction procedure. So a civil engineer is responsible to assist his client or the owner in fulfilling all the legal formalities as according to the rules and regulations. For this purpose he is also requested to function as an expert witness in the court proceedings so that their client would get all the approvals in less possible time. On the other hand he is responsible to convey all the engineering matters appropriately to the client and respective lawyer so that no ambiguity is left in the case.

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