PRP treatment applications in the field of gynaecology

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PRP treatment applications in the field of gynaecology

PRP generally refers to the platelet rich plasma. The ideology behind this is simply that platelets are a very useful component when it comes to healing process of body and this has given new dynamics to the field of medicine where researchers are looking some good use of these platelets for treatment of different damages which human body goes through. PRP treatment in Dubai can be used for several different treatments and these are a few treatments in the field of gynaecology:

  • Ovarian rejuvenation usually refers to the treatment which helps in increasing fertility within women who are not able to conceive easily. There are researches around stating that PRP treatment can help with ovarian rejuvenation.
  • Vaginal rejuvenation refers to the treatment that vagina has gone through after a vaginal birth or menopause. This treatment ensures healthy changes in vaginal canal, vaginal wall or pelvic floor etc. PRP can be a very effective treatment for that.
  • O shot is referred to the orgasm shot while G spot is referred to the Grafenburg spot located in the erotic zone of vagina. PRP can be a helpful treatment to enhance the sexual pleasure amongst women.
  • Dyspareunia is a condition where women have to go through painful sexual intercourse due to different reasons. PRP can help treat certain causes of dysparenuia by treating the damaged area in vagina.
  • Lichen sclerosus is the patch white skin which is thinner than normal and affects the genital area; postmenopausal women are at a high risk of it. As PRP is known for treating damages, this can also be treated very easily.
  • Cervical ectopy is a condition when soft cells lining the cervical canal spread outside to the cervix where usually hard cells are found. If this is happening to you then PRP is your best option.

Even if you are facing these conditions, you first need to get in touch with best gynecologist in Dubai and discuss your options because not everyone is a suitable candidate of PRP treatment in such sensitive matters. They will take a detailed medical history and show you all your options and how much at risk you are on each of them. Think carefully through this before making any harsh decisions.

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