Dubai’s Transport Infrastructure

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Dubai’s Transport Infrastructure

Is there a field or a sector that Dubai doesn’t excel in? I can’t think of one. The government of Dubai works effortlessly to make the city perfect. So far, it has been doing a great job. Tourists, who visit Dubai to spend a vacation there leave with a desire of coming back again and again. Businessmen intend to expand and open branches in this very city. Dubai is a big and complex system, where everything has to work perfectly to keep the city alive. Transportation infrastructure is a part of this system and it plays a big role in its operation.

Breaking down transport infrastructure

If you think that transportation entails just public buses then you are mistaken. There is so much more to transport infrastructure: roads, highways, technical arrangements, international and local transport and so on. The United Arab Emirates, in general, works hard on developing the transport infrastructure and the results are obvious. Very recently, Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority launched a series of projects, which includes 35 plans to be implemented until 2020. Why 2020? The World Expo 2020 is going to take place in Dubai, so the government has made its mission to increase the quality of passenger services by that time. The project includes the extension of the Red Line of the Dubai Metro and upgrading of the roads and sourcing of 39 additional trains.

Aviation Sector

Dubai has the world’s largest cargo airports in the world – Jebel Ali International Airport. Dubai hosts millions of visitors every year, therefore, the customer service at the airports has to be impeccable. Similarly, for the World Expo, the Dubai government is going to spend $7,8 billion to increase the airport’s capacity. After the project is completed, the airport will be able to welcome around 30 million passengers every year. With leading Emirates Airlines based in Dubai, the aviation sector keeps its high standards.

Eco-friendly transportation

Dubai is not a walkable city and we all know that this leads to more carbon dioxide emissions. The government of Dubai is well aware of this, so they introduced the Green Bus. It has amazing results, 34% decrease in carbon emissions and 7% decrease in the fuel price.


Maybe the progress in transport infrastructure is due to the World Expo 2020 or perhaps, the government would have done the same things even without it. In any event, the locals and visitors get to enjoy comfortable means of transportation.

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