Tips On Inculcating Good Dental Hygiene Habits To Your Toddlers

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Tips On Inculcating Good Dental Hygiene Habits To Your Toddlers

For some mothers, teaching their kids to brush their teeth can be a nightmare, let alone having them to attend their dental appointments. But no matter how difficult it is, you still need to ensure that their dental health is superb.

If you are having a hard time having your kid be engage in dental health, here are some tips that can help you.

  • Scare them a little


Not in the negative way, of course. But you need to tell your kid what would happen if they will not take dental care seriously. Sometimes, getting them to brush by telling them about the positive side of dental hygiene might not work. But if they know the consequences, they might follow suit.


But do not scare them too much. Just simple tell them what would likely happen if they will not brush their teeth or not be cooperative on their dental appointments.


  • Show them how it is done


Children learn from observation, and if you want them to be proficient on dental hygiene be a role model for them. When you are brushing your teeth, take them with you to the bathroom. Slowly show and tell them how it is done. It would be best if you can give them their own toothbrush so they can follow you. But do not force them to brush just like you. Remember, you are an adult and these are kids. Let them have fun mimicking you, even it is the wrong sure.


Also, be sure to get the appropriate toothbrush for their age. Their gums are still soft and sensitive and having them use an adult toothbrush might hurt their young gums.


  • Take them to your dental appointments


Another way to convince your toddler to follow the dental care regimen you created is to take them to your dental appointments. Some kids are scared of dentist because of different harrowing tales they heard from other kids. Since they already have that misconception, you need to immediately squash that belief so they will be comfortable on their own dental appointments.


Whether you are having an invisalign in Dubai or just a routine checkup, let your kid go with you and see the place.            Knowing what a dentist would do can help lessen their fears. You can also have their first appointment so they can experience how it is.

  • Make brushing look fun


A trusted pediatric dentist in Dubai recommended that to help toddlers be more engage in dental care, make it more fun. One example is buying them a fun-looking toothbrush or a sweet-tasting toothpaste.

Some mothers even go as far as buying toys that are dental-related so their kids can play with it and learn at the same time.

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